Bio: Oa4s has sticky fingers with bits of cracker on them and points at colors and shapes.  They say the footprint tells nothing at all of its foot, but don?t believe it. We?ve been walking for a long time - something about confused arrivals. There are so many words and pictures we could use. The vampire that can?t see itself. Then suddenly, Oa4s takes you by the hand and then pushes you in the cold water!!  And your floaties are deflated.

Its nice to start from a poem



Left in the Dark - Lodos gallery, Nada Miami

TEMRA and DAVID in Three Parts  - Seventeen gallery, London

Greased - The Breeder Gallery, Athens

Special Features - Lodos gallery, Mexico City

Stillborn - Parallel Oaxaca, Oaxaca City

Dando y dando - pajarito volando - Material Art Fair, Mexico City